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SouthEast Educational, Inc. specializes in assisting schools and school districts by:

• Providing data analysis (training / support), curriculum alignment, and content-specific professional development;
• Developing school and district improvement or restructuring plans;
• Evaluating services for schools, programs or grants;
• Grant writing and proposal development.

SouthEast Educational, Inc.’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education specialists are focused on the alignment, growth and development of STEM education.


Professional Development
Data analysis (training / support), curriculum alignment, and content-specific professional development includes:

• Analysis of school and district data by SouthEast Educational, Inc. staff,
• Training of school and district personnel to disaggregate and understand local data,
• Curriculum alignment training with a committed cadre of school and district personnel to ensure that capacity to do this work is built within the school or district,
• Content-specific professional development provided to schools and districts with an emphasis on Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education.

Improvement or Restructuring
School and district improvement or restructuring plans include:

• Strategic Planning
• STEM related curriculum audits,
• School and district improvement plan development,
• Meeting State and National requirements and benchmarks in STEM areas,
• Providing support to meet the needs of multiple learning styles,
• Grant and proposal development to assist schools in meeting their improvement or restructuring objectives.

Evaluation services for schools, programs or grants includes:

• Use of observation protocols and evaluation matrixes (SPIR, OTOP, RTOP) for school evaluations and potential grant writing,
• Data disaggregation (based on program or cohort data),
• Team leadership, dialoguing and cooperative analysis,
• Report writing / communications.

Grant and Proposal Development
Grant writing and proposal development with educational partners includes:

• Identification of data needs,
• Funder research and identification,
• Structuring and writing the proposal,
• Proposal review and critique,
• Program implementation and management,
• Budget development and monitoring,
• Performance reporting,
• Workshop facilitation and training,
• Strategic planning,
• Program monitoring and evaluation.

SouthEast Educational, Inc. staff members have written, implemented, or evaluated over $33.5 million of state and federal grants.

SouthEast Educational, Inc. will provide references upon request.
SouthEast Educational, Inc. is always looking for potential partners for various regional and national grants. If you are interested in knowing about our current projects, or if you would like to be considered for future grant partnership, please contact Dr. Terry Lashley.




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